March 31, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This eLearning journey is continuing to evolve as we move forward and I am so proud of how each student and family is embracing the challenges and opportunities. I trust you had a chance to read the email from Dr. Gallt regarding upcoming Zoom meetings, attendance, and grading. Her email also provided some expectations and a schedule which will bring more of a structure to distance learning beginning April 6th. 

Starting today, please go to the e-Learning webpage and click on the Elementary Attendance tab and select Isaac Fox.  We are no longer asking you to email the learning choices your child completes for each day.  There will be many opportunities for your child to share work with me very soon.  Of course, you are welcome to continue doing so if you’d like.  

As professional development continues and District 95 guidelines evolve, I will begin to offer Zoom opportunities and will be incorporating SeeSaw announcements, activities, and videos. In order to help you and your student with some of these changes, the district has created a guidebook (see link below). Please read through it so you can begin to get familiar with eLearning opportunities as we move forward.  You will see a suggested list of activities for this week.  I am going to ask for one to be completed each day this week (starting on Wednesday) so we can work through this together.  If it works better for your family’s schedule, feel free to work on the list at your own pace this week.  

Here is the link for the PARENT GUIDEBOOK (translation pending). In this guidebook, you will find district-specific guidelines for various apps and tools. Bookmark/save this guidebook as it will be continually updated as eLearning progresses. 

Please click here to view the Choice Board for week 2 and the procedures for today’s eLearning day.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.   


Mrs. Brizzee

Curriculum Updates

Reading: Our guided reading groups are going so well and the children are really beginning to develop as readers.  We thank you for your support with home reading.  Reading regularly has a tremendous positive impact on a student’s progress in reading.  When the book bag comes home, please read and return it the following day. Thank you for your assistance.

Math: Students are learning strategies to find the missing addend.  We will explore how the concept of fact families can help us solve subtraction problems. A fact family is a set of 4 related addition and subtraction facts made with the same 3 numbers. For example:

                        3+4=7    7-3=4

                        4+3=7    7-4=3

When we understand how these facts are related, we can actually use addition as a strategy to solve subtraction problems!

Language Arts:  We have been working on writing a personal narrative.  Next week, we will begin writing the beginning, middle, and end of our story.  We are focusing on the components of a good story.  We will be using our rubric to assess our time, focus, and use of resources during the writing process.

Social Studies: We have started a new unit in Social Studies.  Students are learning about the difference between service jobs (police, firefighters, doctors) and jobs that produce a product (farmers, authors, bakers). People work to earn money to buy needs and wants.  We will dive deeper into the difference between a need and a want next week.  We will end this unit with a trip to the Raupp Museum on January 27th. Students will participate in the program Tiny Traders.

Phonics: Students have really enjoyed solving the mystery of the silent e.  Mrs. McCarthy dressed up as Special Detective Agent from the Super-Secret Detective Agency to deliver our case file.  Students were asked to notice where the silent e hides and how he changes the vowel sound.  We are looking deeper into doubling the consonant when adding -ing.  We are referring to these as letter twins.

Next week the spelling assessment will be on Thursday due to institute day. Thank you!  J  Students work will be marked incorrect if the letters are reversed.

General Information

Winter is upon us!  Unless the temperature is below zero, students will continue to go outside for recess.  Please make sure that they have all the necessary winter gear.  Hats, gloves, scarves, boots, etc. are needed. Also, please label all items.  If you have missing items please check the lost and found located near the red circle.


Jan. 17             Institute Day

Jan. 20             Dr. MLK Jr Day

Jan. 24             Bingo Night 6:30 MSS

Feb. 6              Kindergarten Registration

Feb. 8              Valentine’s Dance

Feb. 13             Valentine’s Day Party

                        Early Release

Feb. 14             Institute Day



Mrs. Sheri Brizzee